Driving Dead Girl (BE)

In 2004 and after only a few showcases, Driving Dead Girl is short-listed and takes part in the International Dour Festival, but this was only the first step! Following their forerunners’ example, the quartet played several first-parts such as The Rakes, Queen Adreena, Radio4, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Black Angels and many others. Meanwhile, they also recorded a first album: "50,000 Dead Girls Can't be Wrong". Comprising a short selection of only 7 titles, it is recorded under live conditions and mixed in two months fulfilling the then low-end and garage-rock attitude that animated the group.
At this time, Driving Dead Girl also had an exclusive recording contract with “BANG!” which gave them the opportunity to perform all around Belgium and from time to time in France. Unfortunately the then tense atmosphere soon disrupted the shaky organization and both J-F Hermand and André Diaz left the group.

Four years later, after several changes in the band line-up and a neared dead-end, the group finally stabilized. Newcomers Vincenzo Capizzi (drummer) and Dan Diaz (bass player) smashed in, bringing by this very fact a new balance and a new vision to the project. The news spread like a thunderbolt and proposals for concerts and records broke surface again. The band was back on line and the nouveau quartet premièred Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels and Lords Of Altamont . This definitely cemented their brand new stage reputation.

More recently, in January 2010, Driving Dead Girl started the realization of their second album: « Don’t Give a Damn about bad Reputation”. In only 10 titles, the quartet enjoyed renewed success and confirmed their propensity to play and perform with a brutal energy coping with an original rock musical style wherein cinematographic and literary influences, stamped with broken-hearted sadness and despair, sometimes gave in to alcohol abuse, psyched madness and mal-être.