Driving Dead GirlDon't Give A Damn About Bad Reputation

Cat. Nr.:ROREC0007
Release date:2010-12-10
Label:Rockerill Records
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In 2003 Dim Wild and Ronald Dondez unite to form Driving Dead Girl. In 2004, they are selected to participate at the Dour Festival, the first important step for the band. Then follow several interesting premieres like The Rakes, Queen Adreena, Radio 4, Tokyo Sex Destruction, The Black Angels. And the arrival of the first album "50000 Dead Girls Can't Be Wrong" achieved with JF. Hermand on drums and Andrew Diaz on bass: featuring a selection of 7 tracks recorded in live conditions and mixed in two months, responding to the garage-rock influences that drive the band. Distributed by Bang! this album brings them to play around Belgium but also in France. After several changes of "line-up" and avoiding the end of the band, Driving Dead Girl stabilized in 2008 with drummer Vincenzo Capizzi and bassist Daniel Diaz. Then new proposals for concerts coming, and new premieres such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Lords Of Altamont cement the reputation of the band on stage.

  1. Don't Wanna Talk About That Girl Anymore
  2. The Girl From The Room Sixteen
  3. Off
  4. Black Sweet Fire
  5. Lie Around
  6. Loaded
  7. The Way To Your Heart Ain't Easy To Ride
  8. Liquor Store
  9. The Black Jack Love Of Harry The Sinner
  10. It's Raining
  11. No Home