The Poneymen (BE)

A couple of years ago, a flying saucer crashed somewhere on Earth. Some strange half human half pony creatures woke up with no memory. They did not remember who they were and even less so where they came from. The only thing that was for sure was that they were coming from out of space and that they had no connection anymore with their own planet. So they just had one thing to do : survive! But how to survive? They had the chance to be taken in by a strange community of people who happened to be fond of ponies. These people did not care about how strange it was to see these beings with human body and poney face. Who cares? Anyway, in this community they discovered by chance that they could find a human appearance. How? Just sweating! But how could they sweat? Just playing guitar during a while! So they grabbed guitars and started playing while playing movies from their previous live performances. If they don’t sing, it is because they don’t know any human language. Back in time, they came across some fellows such as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagall, Stephan Derrick or Jean-Michel Surfdou. But after a short work together, they all strangely disappeared. And when they came back, they didn’t look the same anymore… After a short trip to the US, they decided to stay in Belgium for two reasons : that country doesn’t know any real rock’n’roll band and moreover they really want to meet JCVD! Just because they want to remain unkown, they change the name of their band for every shows. They play as : The Dead Poneymen,Rooger Moore is not a Surfin'Poney, The Poneymen Live, Chuck Norris Surf Poney Experience, The Silent Poneymen, Jean-Michel Surfdou & Les Poneys de Trait, Poney Mon Lapin et Ses Paillassons, Steven Seagall et la Fourmi Surf Poney Club, Thee PNYMN, Papandréous’ Poney, Elvis Poney Star, Poisson Poney, The Surf Ponic Band feat. Bobby Poney, Band de Poney, Florence & The Poneymen, … They play at : Francofolies de Spa, Bear Rock, Surfin’ City Lille Festival, El Diablo, Magasin 4, Rockerill, Atelier Rock, L’Entrepôt, L’Escalier, Belvédère, Fête de la Musique (Dison, Frasnes-les-Anvaing, Huy, Charleroi, …), Août en Eclats (Soignies), Fêtes de Wallonie, Zoulk Fistival, Stock de Bois Festival, “I Love Rock'n'Roll”, … Welcome in the surf poney world!