Maria Goretti Quartet (BE)

In May 2008, an encounter on a bridge at sunset at Tournai (Belgium), an exchange of music records and addresses, and a month later the Franco-Belgian trio Maria Goretti Quartet is formed. These three beautiful and elegant young men are not at their first attempt, they officiate or have officiated in different bands (Oui Mais Non, Koffeee, Fucking Canaries, …).

In 2009 they released their first EP that they promote on stage in Belgium but also in France, Switzerland and Italy. Musically enriched by this experience they begin to explore new sounds: their sound Post-Punk/No Wave takes colors of vaporous acids. A second EP follows a few months later at a mini tour in Brittany and Normandy.

Rockerill Records is proud to present their first album with 14 tracks self-produced, recorded by Phil Scrotum in Strasbourg in August 2010 and illustrated by a cover designed by Jérémie Tomcak and Tom Raznor. Presented on stage during a tour in Germany and in Czech Republic, the impressions of the public were unanimous in describing their music as a superb musical experience. Disliking tags, the trio prefers to qualify himself modestly as a "musical revolution". In conclusion MGQ which is primarily a live band has succeeded brilliantly the perilous exercise to set his music on an album. The result is there!