Chris PalNew Weird

Cat. Nr.:Rorec105
Release date:2023-03-17
Label:Rockerill Records / Beast Records / Juvenile Delinquent
Available formats:

All songs, lyrics and artwork by Charmes Samson
Recorded at Swampland by Lo Spider, Jan. 2022
Drums Played by Remi Peltier, Mastered by
Ronnie Coco. Special Thanks to Laure
Aumond, Seb Beast, Raph Juvenile
And Rockerill Crew.
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  1. Low Time
  2. Change Model
  3. Real False
  4. Driginal
  5. Rivers
  6. Bit Bip
  7. Night PD
  8. Melody Maker
  9. TVCC
  10. Tudi
  11. The Mother Road