Nervous ShakesWalk like a lover

Cat. Nr.:ROREC088
Release date:2022-05-23
Label:Rockerill Records
Available formats:
All songs 2021 Born Burning Music (BMI)
Nervous Shakes are
Ivan Andreini: Lead vocals & harmonica
JP Neligan: Guitar vocals / lap-steel / Percussion
Brüno V Gömpel: Bass / Vocals
Phil Felix: Drums / Percussion
Additional musicians: 
Mike Mariconda: Harmonica
Spencer Evoy: Tenor Sax
Produced by Mike Mariconda
Engineered by Mathijs Van Der Wallen
Recorded June 14-18-2021 at High Time Studio in Donk, Herk-de-Stad, Limburg BE
  1. When things go wild
  2. Hit the deck Joseph
  3. Do you wanna
  4. Stick mith me
  5. Walk like a lover
  6. Are you mine
  7. Kamikaze baby
  8. In the summer
  9. The curse of lovers
  10. Come back Lorraine
  11. Don't cut me loose
  12. Teenage Blues