Tuff GuacGreen and Handsome

Cat. Nr.:ROREC069
Release date:2020-02-21
Label:Rockerill Records / Belly Button Records
Available formats:

Tuff Guac is Rafael Valles Hilario's (MOAR, Brorlab, The Jagged Frequency, Belly Button records) solo project. This record contains 13 catchy garage cowboy pop tunes. All music was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Rafael at Tooth Mountain studio late 2018 - early 2019.

Most songs come from quick bedroom recordings made in the morning when I had a low crunchy voice. The belly button cassette "At The Office" was the precursor of this project. I think this is the most spontaneous music I can produce for the moment as it's not made with any goals or expectations from me or somebody else. Maybe the next record will be something totally different! We'll see, it was just a shitload of fun making these noises and I hope you enjoy them to!


  1. Mr Hidden
  2. Don't Belong
  3. Love is all You Need
  4. Silkscreen
  5. My Body
  6. She Took a Man
  7. My Kind of Elevator Music
  8. Friskoman
  9. Man of the Mansion
  10. Green and Hansome
  11. Think About a Tree
  12. Like the Name of a Thing
  13. Somewhere to Hide