La JunglePast // Middle Age // Future

Cat. Nr.:ROREC065
Release date:2019-04-19
Label:Black Basset Records / Rockerill Records / A Tant Rêver Du Roi
Available formats:

Composed between January and June 2018 by Jim and Roxie at Rockerill (Charleroi). Drums recorded by Steve Dujacquier at Vecteur (Charleroi) in August 2018. Guitars, keys and vocals recorded by Steve Dujacquier at his home studio (Landelies) between September and December 2018. Featured vocals by Bisou Bisou recorded at Jekyll'n'Hyde studio in January 2019. All tracks mastered by Peter Beckmann in January 2019 at Technology Works in London.

Out Friday 19th April 2019 on Black Basset Records, À Tant Rêver du Roi and Rockerill Records.

Thanx to our families, Julien (Kuistax booking), Marije (Hot Topic Agency), Clo & Didier (Black Basset), Stéphane (À Tant Rêver du Roi), Stephen & Mika (Rockerill), Tim & Fred (Jekyll n' hyde), Steve & Romain (Vecteur), Benjamin, Florian & Joachim (film makers) and all the bands, audiences, promoters and beautiful people we met on the road. Thank you for your support, sweet words and hospitality ! See you soon on tour !


  1. You Say Amen I Say Sword
  2. The Invisible Child
  3. Hey Ha Hey Ha
  4. Lost In Transition
  6. And The Serf Caresses The Head of His Lord
  7. The Boring Age
  8. In The Trance
  9. The Knight The Doom